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Hardwood Floor Cost

Hardwood floor cost The average hardwood floor cost. Say you wanted to have a 500sqft floor installed. The hardwood floor will run you about  $2,320.45 – $3,055.65  for 535sqft of hardwood  flooring. Materials hardwood floor cost $210.40 – $241.90. Underlayment, fasteners, adhesives. Labor hardwood floor cost. 28 Hours $1,626.00 – $2,283.90. Hardwood floor cost allowance…
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Living room flooring installation

Living room flooring installation. Living room flooring installation: First thing about installing a floor is choosing the right floor. At Flooring America they can help or maybe Home Depot or Lowe’s where ever. Once you have your floor picked out we can now talk about installation. Step #1  Sweep the area clean from debris, than…
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Stopping squeaks in floors

What causes squeaky floors Flexing of the floors usually causes floors to squeak. They could come from floorboards rubbing against each other, bridging pieces rubbing against each  below the floor, or even water pipes or air duct rubbing against the floor joists. Most often the root of the problem is a loose board, and the…
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Sunnyside Services LLC Flooring Contractor in Grafton, MA

Flooring Contractor in Grafton, MA   Sunnyside Services LLC is a home improvement company. We specialize in flooring installation. We guarantee lowest price on installation. We will beat our competition by 5%.  A flooring contractor in Grafton, MA should be licensed with the state insured and bonded with the state. Flooring contractor in Grafton, MA should give free…
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Sunnyside Services LLC flooring installation expert

    Sunnyside Services LLC flooring installation experts. We guarantee lowest price  on installation. We will be our competition  by 5% .

Installing A Strip Prefinished Hardwood Floor

     Installing A Strip Prefinished Hardwood Floor. Tack down or tape down the red rosin paper. Overlap the pieces about 3 inches. Allow a gap the thickness of the flooring for expansion along both walls. The baseboard and quarter round molding will cover the gap.                             Tip for those of you hammering in the wood almost always…
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Flooring Installation Experts

Sunnyside Services LLC is a home improvement company that specializes in flooring solid wood floors, laminate floors, engineered wood floors, vinyl plank floors and other flooring. We will beat any professional company by 10%. Where neat, fast, professional on time and hard working people. We do work with your insurance adjuster if there is damage to…
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Chainsaw Wood Carving Artist

Chainsaw Wood Carving Artist Best prices on chainsaw carved things I carve them in my spare time. I have Tiki heads, bears, fish, raccoons, birds and more. They’re just torched it’s extra to put a coat over it.