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Hardwood Floor Cost

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Hardwood floor cost

The average hardwood floor cost. Say you wanted to have a 500sqft floor installed. The hardwood floor will run you about  $2,320.45 – $3,055.65  for 535sqft of hardwood  flooring. Materials hardwood floor cost $210.40 – $241.90. Underlayment, fasteners, adhesives. Labor hardwood floor cost. 28 Hours $1,626.00 – $2,283.90. Hardwood floor cost allowance $37.50 – $55.50. Bring you at a grand total of hardwood floor cost for 500sqft to $4,194.35 – $5,636.95. The averge cost per square foot is $8,38 – $11.27. I hope this was helpful like us on Facebook. Want to learn how to install a hardwood floor? Here is a link. Follow us for upcoming on how to fix hardwood floor.

hardwood floor cost

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