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How to lay laminate flooring

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How to lay laminate flooring and how much installation cost in Uxbridge, MA o1569 for laminate flooring.

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First the basic: Laying laminate floor.

Step 1 Clean the subfloor surface from any nails, wood chips and other things.

Step 2 Roll out the underlayment foam TrafficMaster standard 100sq.ft. roll underlayment. Cut to fit.

Step 3 Open floor box than start laying them down follow the installation directions. Leave yourself a 3/8 gap around entire room for expansion due to climate change. It will get covered by quarter round in the finishing stage. When cutting the laminate floor use the cut off side to starting the other side of wall for less wastage.

Step 4 After your done with all the cuts for the floor and have them put down. You now have to cut the room in with quarter round. Once you’re finished wash the floor from dust and enjoy.

Uxbridge, MA 01569 laminate flooring cost average cost per square foot  $5.17 – $8.50

Example: laminate flooring installation would cost for 250 sq. ft. $1,770.71

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