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Installing A Strip Prefinished Hardwood Floor

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PicsArt_1437427984166     Installing A Strip Prefinished Hardwood Floor. Tack down or tape down the red rosin paper. Overlap the pieces about 3 inches. Allow a gap the thickness of the flooring for expansion along both walls. The baseboard and quarter round molding will cover the gap.                            PicsArt_1437427939233 Tip for those of you hammering in the wood almost always splits. Drill a pilot hole in the wood then nail it. I use a finish gun. Now the first five row of installing a strip prefinished hardwood floor your not going to be able to use floor nailer. I use my finish gun and angle the nail through the tongue of the hardwood floor. I do that for about five row just till i can use the floor nailer. Scatter hardwood flooring out make sure seems are not more than 8 inches apart. The flooring nailer you can rent one at home depo or some rental store it should come with a heavy rubber mallet it come supplied with the floor nailer. Position the floor nailer on the tongue edge of the board, and whack the plunger head with the heavy rubber mallet. When at the end of the run and you need to cut, use the other cut off peace to stare the other row on opposite side. You get less wastage that way. Tighten seams some pieces will be bowed. Try and hit floor joist or use another piece. Getting to the Finish  your going to need a pry bar and table saw for the rip pieces. Once you have the ripped pieces you need use pry bar to titan gap make sure the hardwood flooring is not tight to wall remember molding going to cover. You are going to top shoot the board in the face. Now put your molding on and enjoy your new floor.

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