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Tile Installation Cost

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Tile installation cost.

Average tile installation cost guide. For 120sqft of tile flooring  is $175.44 – $231.04. Labor tile installation cost 15.8 hours $920.37 – $1,353.58. For materials and supplies $111.08 – $127.72. Tile flooring allowance $52.50 – $78.75. Bring total tile installation cost for 120sqft to $1,259.39 – $1,791.08. Average cost per square foot $10.49 – $14.93. I hope this information was helpful.

How to install tile

Once you picked out the  floor you want. The next step is sub-floor use 3/8 plywood cut and fit. Screw floor down you can use nails just make sure they are ring shank. Must screw/nail floor off ever 6” once your done than you can lay out floor to find the center.

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 Once you find the center you know where to start than your ready to start laying the floor. You can mix or use premix cement when you lay the tile spread the cement with a floor tile trowel making swirls. Use the spacers on each corner of tile so you can have a even line for the finish. Make sure tile is sitting even. Use a wet saw to cut tile when needed. Let floor dry over night. Now your ready for grout same thing mix it or buy premix get a 5 gallon bucket of water and sponge. Spread the grout into the cracks between tile cover all then wash the floor using the sponge wash it like two times let dry and enjoy.PicsArt_1439163101562  WE specialized in flooring installation check us out here.  Do you need to know how to install a hardwood floor click here. Need to know the average hardwood floor installation cost click here. Like us on facebook.


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